Alderney and its railway

Alderney is the third largest of the Channel Islands, and though it is the most northerly, is curiously the closest to France, which is only 6 miles away. However, the island remains British, both politically (as a Crown dependancy) and in character. The island is about three miles long, and one mile wide, and is highly fortified, due to it's strategic position in the English Channel. The fortifications are partly Victorian, and partly German, who occupied the Channel Islands during World War II. There is a large harbour on the north side of the island, which has one of the longest breakwaters in Europe. A standard gauge railway was built to serve a quarry during construction of this breakwater, and is still in operation today, purely as a tourist attraction. The railway owns two carriages of a London Underground train, and these are hauled by a diesel; the steam loco having been sold due to rising maintenance costs. Click here for more details of this line.

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A street in the island's town, St. Anne

Saye Bay, on the north-east end of Alderney

Braye and the harbour breakwater

The inner harbour

The station at Braye Road

The almost surreal sight of an underground train appearing through the undergrowth

The train at the top of the line - Mannez Quarry

Another view of the train

Elizabeth - one of two diesel locos on the railway

The train, with one of the German fortifications in the background

Another view of Elizabeth

And another...

A steam crane at Mannez Quarry - now in need of restoration

As well as the diesel locos, the railway also owns a pair of Wickham railcars and trailers

The Wickham railcars in action

Molly, the other diesel, in the shed

A view of the line between Braye Road and the harbour, currently disused

A pair of wagons on the harbour line

The end of the line was at the tip of the breakwater itself

J.T. Daly, the former steam loco on the line, now running on Jersey

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